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24th Aug 2011

Wednesday // 7pm // 3 years ago

Bikini Styles To Suit Your Body - Buying Bikinis Online

If you’re planning a holiday to the beach or pool this summer you’re probably going to need a good bikini or swimsuit. Now before you run off to the mirror to take a look at that irresistible body you will probably want to relax and prepare yourself. In order to find the perfect garment to wear we have to know that there are multiple styles of swimwear to fit multiple body types and shapes.

Let us take a look at some different styles for different types of bodies. The one piece style is good for women who want to cover up or hide slightly flabby or fat tummies or hips. The skirted version of the one piece helps to hide a bit more of the legs. This style is gaining popularity rapidly as gives a sexy look to the one piece.
The Triangle Top Bikini is the traditional bikini with two triangles with the halter neck and Brazilian style panty bottoms. This is great for girls with straight, boyish figures who want to give the illusion of having curves.
Then we have the Tankini given its name from being similar to a tank top with a bikini bottom. This modest two piece suit is perfect to hide those slight belly imperfections.
Tube top and strap bikinis are two other popular styles though strapless is not recommended for women with a larger breast.
Colour is almost as important as the style, for example, a pink swimsuit wont suit pale skin, but on darker skin tones it can look outstanding. Think carefully about what colours suit your eyes, skin tone and hair before you purchase swimwear.

The perfect fabric composition for a swimsuit is a cotton/lycra mix. Lycra provides a good fit while cotton ensures comfort especially sensitive skin. Be careful about sizing, if the swimsuit is cutting into your skin or parts of you are nearly exposed, as you’ll probably larger size.
Now you know what to look for in swimsuits and bikinis, the only thing left is to look for somewhere good to buy one. This isn’t usually as hard as you’d think as there are lots of great places online to buy swimwear from. The variety is huge online and you can find yourself a design for every mood you’re in!

There are hundreds of designers and shops available at the end of your fingertips and the best thing is that you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, this is due to the convenience of buying bikinis online.
Just make sure the shop has a good returns policy as sizing can’t be quite as easy to guess when you can’t physically see or try the garment on!

08th Dec 2010

Wednesday // 2am // 3 years ago

In Praise of The Micro Bikini

Every year it seems like there is some must have piece of swimwear on the beach. Whether it’s Rio, California or the South of France, everyone seems to be wearing it from sexy locals to the hottest celebrities. This year the beach wear that everyone is going gaga over is the micro bikini. The name says it all: it’s a new kind of bikini for people who love showing off their great beach bods. These designer bikini’s come from some of the hottest deisgners in the world and have been featured in the pages of some of the world’s biggest magazines.

People who have worn the micro bikini have nothing but positive words for it. While it may not cover much, it also has a wearer ultimate comfort. It is designed to fit snugly without feeling like it’s attached to you. That means that while you won’t have to worry about it falling off in the sand and the waves, you also won’t feel bound by it. Plus, with hundreds of different designs and colors, you can definitely find a micro bikini that perfectly fits what you are looking for. You can find more information on the internet or by looking in your favorite fashion magazine.

If you’re after something a little less revealing but still maintains that sexy look, you should try out a Brazilian Bikini, they are all the rage at the moment and can be easily attained online or even in some select highstreet stores.

18th Jan 2010

Monday // 1pm // 4 years ago


Now we all like a modern and funky bikini to ensure we’re a real head turner at the beach….

Well check out this new camo bikini, from the newest collection this gorgeous brazilian bikini is the height of swimwear fashion at the moment.

Camo brazilian bikini

Mixing the cool brazilian style coverage with a funky modern style camo pattern, this is one hot bikini to look out for in the new year!

It’s string top and decent coverage string bottoms make this sort of bikini sexy, while still covering enough up. For more information check it out here: Camo Bikini